Soothing Eye Duo

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This duo of clean, eye-friendly formulas was developed by a board-certified ophthalmologist to support your ocular health while enhancing your natural beauty. The facial mist helps sanitize skin, lids, and lashes, while the growth serum promotes thicker, fuller brows and lashes while soothing dry eyes with comforting moisture.
  • AM:
    • Start your day in a sanitary way by misting your face with Easy on the Eyes Daily Hygiene Facial Spray.
  • PM: 
    • Once you’ve fully cleansed, mist yourself again with Easy on the Eyes to help stave off any bacteria.
      • Finish your evening eye care routine by applying Get Growing Lash & Brow Serum, delivering soothing moisture and promoting healthier lashes and brows. 
    • Pro Tip: The rich oils in Get Growing will break down makeup formulas, so save this serum for makeup-free days or evening use.

Results Without Sacrificing Eye Safety

This best-selling lash & brow serum helps promote the appearance of longer, fuller looking eyelashes and brows within 90 days without the use of irritating or harmful ingredients. The doctor-recommended, clean formula also helps soothe dry eyes and conditions lashes to prevent brittleness & breakage - without having to worry about any side effects or irritation. Packed with all-natural castor oil, argan oil & coconut oil, this serum is clean, safe, & irritation-free. 

Before and after image showing results of longer, fuller eyelashes and eyebrows
Before and after results from eyebrow & lash serum show longer, fuller eye lashes and soothed dry eyes
Before and after image features lash serum that conditions and nourishes with castor oil, argan oil and coconut oil
Before and after results within 3 months deliver longer, thicker lashes

*Results in women of various ages after 90 days of use

Ingredient Highlights

From the Eye Doctor:

"I’ve been using castor oil on dry eye patients for years to help soothe their painful symptoms. After seeing many of them develop thicker, longer lashes over time from this treatment, I decided to make it the star ingredient in my serum.”

Dr. Diane Hilal-Campo, Ophthalmologist and Founder of twenty/twenty


Why we say NO to prostaglandin analogues

From our Customers:



I apply on my lids and lashes and I wake up with soothed eyes. My lashes are much more hydrated, and are slowly growing fuller. Love knowing this is safe to use and my eyes feel great! Other lash serums have made my eyes red and irritated. This does not!

- Terry

Huge Lashes!

I use this serum religiously - twice every day for about 4 weeks now - and my lashes look (and feel!) AMAZING. Seriously, I wish the website could let me post pictures. I've really gotten comments from friends asking if I was using a different mascara/got lash extensions! Highly recommend

- Kathryn