Calming face mist with hypochlorous acid to reduce bacteria on eyelids and lashes, and reduces redness and inflammation on skinClean mascara with castor oil for sensitive and dry eyes, gives you fuller and longer-looking lashes

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Eye-safe beauty products developed by an Ophthalmologist

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Meet Our Visionary Panel of Experts

Leaders in eye health and clean beauty, our Visionaries are on a mission to help you achieve happier, healthier eyes. All twenty/twenty beauty products are developed by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Diane Hilal-Campo, then tested by this team of experts to ensure we're creating effective and eye-friendly formulas you'll love.

Dr. Diane Hilal Campo is the founder and ophthalmologist, designing eye makeup and eye treatment products that are safe for eyes, sensitive eyes, and dry eyes

Dr. Diane Hilal Campo

twenty/twenty Founder
& Board-Certified Ophthalmologist

Dr. Campo is a Columbia-trained ophthalmologist with over 35 years of experience diagnosing and treating eye diseases. She developed her own brand of eye-friendly formulas after seeing countless patients with painful eye conditions caused by beauty products.

Dr Janelle Davison is an optometrist who specializes in dry eyes

Dr. Janelle Davison

& Visionary Panel Member

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Davison specializes in dry eye disease and optometry aesthetics. She is an award-winning and nationally recognized eye care provider, savvy and successful business owner and mom of two.

Dr. Pam Theriot is an optometrist who specializes in dry eyes and learning about eye-safe makeup products

Dr. Pam Theriot

& Visionary Panel Member

Dr. Theriot is a renowned Optometrist, author, dry eye specialist and mother of two. She is passionate about eliminating toxins in beauty products and has spent her career educating herself in all aspects of dry eye assessment and management.

Dr. Alison Early is an ophthalmologist who is focused on beauty products that promote eye health

Dr. Alison D. Early

Board-Certified Ophthalmologist
& Visionary Panel Member

Dr. Early has a special interest in the beauty industry and its overlap with her extensive knowledge of eye and ocular surface health. She is well known on social media for sharing educational content and promoting makeup and beauty choices that support overall eye health. 

Dr. Melissa Barnett is an optometrist who provides input on the eye makeup and treatment products

Dr. Melissa Barnett

& Visionary Panel Member

Dr. Barnett is passionate about helping people improve their lives by optimizing their vision, health, and wellness with a customized approach. Her clinical experience, passion for delivering excellent care, and using advanced and new technologies are a winning combination for optimal results.

Azra Red is a celebrity makeup art who helps test the eye-safe makeup products

Azra Red

Celebrity Makeup Artist
& Clean Beauty Advocate

Azra Red is a multifaceted fashion, editorial, and commercial makeup artist based in New York. As an artist that takes health and wellness seriously, she has become a passionate supporter of the clean beauty movement in both her work and personal life.

Swatches of cream eye shadow sticks, in three versatile shades for all skin tones to brighten and define eyes
Triple Play Eye Shadow Trio
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Eye-safe makeup products including mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow, help define eyes while being safe for sensitive and dry eyes
Designed with Eyes in Mind
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twenty / twenty makeup and eye treatment products are cruelty-free with no animal testing ever
All our beauty products are vegan
The clean formulas for eye makeup and eye treatment products are non-toxic and never include feature ingredients that are harmful to eyes, sensitive eyes or dry eyes
This line of makeup and eye treatment products was designed and tested by an ophthalmologist to always be safe for sensitive eyes