Hypochlorous Acid Is the Skin Savior You Didn’t Know You Needed

To help sanitize eyes and stave off harmful microbes, eye care professionals have been relying on hypochlorous acid for decades. Though the name of the ingredient may imply that it’s harsh, quite the opposite is true — in fact, your body actually produces its own hypochlorous acid. When your white blood cells sense an invader, they release hypochlorous acid to kill them, protecting your body from potential infection. Hypochlorous acid is actually so gentle that it’s safe to use on infants. But that’s not all: it’s also an incredible, under-the-radar ingredient worthy of adding to your skincare routine, not just your eye care regimen. 

Regardless of your skin type, one of the keys to keeping your complexion looking its best is keeping it clean. Various bacteria, including the blemish-causing P. acnes, live on the surface of your skin, lying in wait for an opportunity to form breakouts and other irritating skin conditions. A twice-daily spritz of a hypochlorous acid formula, like our Easy on the Eyes Daily Hygiene Facial Spray, is a simple solution that can help combat future zits.

Acne, like many other skin issues (such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis) is rooted in inflammation. That inflammatory response leads to redness, irritation, and discomfort — and chronic cases of inflammation can dramatically weaken your skin, degrading its collagen (making it saggier) and reducing its barrier function (drying it out and contributing to reduced defense against infection). Hypochlorous acid can help here, too. Not only is it a disinfecting agent, hypochlorous acid boasts powerful anti-inflammatory properties. That means that hypochlorous acid can help soothe that inflammation, working to quell redness and irritation for a more balanced, healthier-looking complexion. 

Whether you’re battling standard blemishes (or those caused by maskne!), trying to soothe rosacea-induced redness, or simply want to keep your face fresh and clean throughout the day, reach for some hypochlorous acid: Your lids, lashes, and skin will thank you.

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