3 Facts to Know About Eyelashes

1. Eyelashes are your eyes’ first line of defense. 

If something’s too close to your eyes, your lashes act as a built-in warning mechanism and help trigger your lids to shut. They also protect your eyes from dust, dirt, sweat, and sun. 

2. They fall out every day

On average, we shed one to five lashes every day. Cleansing regularly with Easy on the Eyes Daily Hygiene Spray helps strengthen your lashes and prevent premature lash shedding. 

3. Lashes that are too long can be bad for your eyes.

Abnormally long lash growth stimulated by serums with prostaglandin analogues (PGAs) can cause a “wind tunnel” effect, directing too much air into the eye and stripping it of its natural moisture. Clean ingredients, like the castor oil in Get Growing Lash & Brow Serum, promote natural growth of thicker-looking lashes without drying out your eyes.



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