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Eye makeup using liquid eyeliner and cream eye shadow sticks for a natural daytime look and more dramatic night look
Soothing face mist with Hypochlorous Acid calms redness and inflammation from acne and cleanses eyelashes & lids of bacteria
Cream eye shadow sticks in versatile shades and shimmer finish in rose gold, taupe and cocoa for sensitive eyes

twenty/twenty Starter Set

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The perfect set for anyone who wants to upgrade their beauty stash with eye-safe makeup & eye treatments. It includes our bestselling Get Growing Lash & Brow Serum, Easy on the Eyes Daily Hygiene Spray, Double Duty Precision Liquid Eye Liner and three shades of our easy-to-use Visionary Eye Shadow Sticks in the shades Love at First Sight, At a Glance and Rose Colored Glasses. 
Set Includes:
  • Get Growing Lash & Brow Serum
  • Easy on the Eyes Daily Hygiene Spray with Hypochlorous Acid
  • Double Duty Precision Liquid Eye Liner 
  • 3 Visionary Eye Shadow Sticks in the shades Love at First Sight, At a Glance and Rose Colored Glasses
Our products are always:
  • Safe for sensitive eyes, dry eyes and contact lenses
  • Ophthalmologist developed & tested
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
Use the lash and brow serum at night only (the hydrating formula doesn't play nice with makeup)! Our Easy on the Eyes Daily Hygiene Spray can be used day or night as needed to cleanse and refresh the face and eyes. For an eye makeup look that pops, apply the shadow stick(s) directly to lids and blend as needed. Finish with our liquid liner to complete your look. 
Cream eyeshadow sticks in three versatile shades that are safe for your eyes

ophthalmologist approved

Why choose between beauty or your health?

We believe you deserve both.

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Get Growing Lash & Brow Serum

So I’m usually not the one to write reviews unless a product doesn’t work (I’m toxic leave me alone lmao) but when I say this works… IT WORKS! As somebody that used to have a slight case of Trichotillomania, I pretty much pulled the likes of my hairline, eyebrows, and eyelashes into oblivion. I wish I never had but I’m on the hunt for miracle products. PLEASE GIVE THIS SERUM A RUN FOR YOUR MONEY! I’ve noticed a slight difference in my eyebrows which is obviously nice, BUT MY EYELASHES👀 I could’ve sworn my bottom eyelashes weren’t very nonexistent. I just looked in the mirror and noticed long lashes that I could’ve sworn WERE NOT THERE!!!! I’m honestly very shocked and definitely worth the five stars for waking my hairs up from a deep slumber😭

December 19, 2021

Visionary Eye Shadow Stick

I'm not always great at applying with brushes so the stick makes it very easy. I loove the Rose Colored Glasses color and seriously wear it every day. I have terrible dry eyes, but this product (and I've also used the liner which is also great) is not irritating at all.

September 18, 2021


Beauty with benefits

Liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow sticks are packed with hydrating ingredients to help dry eye and sensitive eye symptoms